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About Us

PT Super Media Indonesia

Our company was establish on 2017 under the name of PT. Super Media Indonesia as our name, where previously was a personally individual with expert experience more than 4 (four) years. We are a company that focused on any kinds of Information and Technology (IT) needed, such as an Internet Service Provider, network infrasctucture developer, IT Hardware porducts supplier, software application design, IT Consultant who consistently solving IT problems within our business and companies partner systems.

Our company owns professional and experienced human resources in their own field/scope, we can give total solutions and the best service’s to guarantee our business and companies partner

As time goes by and according to the vision and mission of the company, we will keep conducting innovation and changes in order to become more excellent and competent especially at Information and Technollogy (IT) needed.



Becoming an IT managed services who can provided total solutions of IT needed.


❖ Provide total solution of Product and service with competitive price.
❖ Give total service with competent and experienced human resources
❖ Gave total soluition for customer business and company.


“ Your Trusted IT Serviced Partner “